Times They are a-Changin’

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but A LOT has been going on!

It looks like our adoption is about to be completed. The date has been set and the tickets purchased. It’s very possible our son will be home with us before Thanksgiving . . . maybe before my birthday!

It’s been almost two years since we first saw the video of Luis in the children’s home telling anyone who would listen he wanted to be adopted. Prior to seeing the video we had requested a child six or under. We thought maybe in the future we would consider adopting an older child, but it seemed a little much to go from zero to adolescence.

Well. . .

In the wise words of the Justin Bieber, “Never say never”. I sincerely know God moved throughout this situation and allowed our hearts to be drawn to this child. We have not had a second thought since we made the decision to be Luis’s parents. It’s interesting to see the look on people’s faces when you tell them you are adopting a teenager and not a baby. For the most part the reactions are very positive.

First picture we ever saw of Luis (2 yrs ago). He's the one in the middle (just in case you confuse him for the white guy).

First picture we ever saw of Luis (2 yrs ago). He’s the one in the middle (just in case you confuse him for the white guy).

One piece of advice if you are pursuing adoption- it’s ultimately a decision between you, your spouse and God. Be careful when listening to the uneducated opinions/prejudices of others. Sometimes we can confuse worldly “wisdom” for God’s will.

With that being said, our lives are about to dramatically change. There’s about to be a third person living in this house. I’m about to have a lot less food- leftovers may not be a luxury for long. More laundry and dirty dishes. More time thinking about someone else and less time about me. I’ll be chauffeuring someone around and have less freedom to go wherever I want when I want. I’m not complaining, but just considering a few ways life will be different.

Bigger changes, besides having Luis here, include leaving my job which I’ve had the last nine years to start homeschooling. I never (cue Bieber here) thought I would join the legions of homeschooling moms, but here I am. You may be surprised to know there are a lot of normal homeschooling moms and kids out there. My previous understanding had been limited to the National Spelling Bee and the Duggars. Imagine my relief when I discovered I would not need to purchase a jean jumper.

Change is scary and can be traumatic to some degree, but sometimes the scary, difficult things are what the good stuff is made of.

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