It’s Official!

Well, last Thursday we received our appointment with DINAF (Dirección Nacional de la Niñez Adolescencia y Familia) for Friday afternoon to have the adoption decree signed.  In other words, the adoption would be finalized!

DINAF is located in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, which is a couple hours from Siguatepeque where we are staying with Luis and his foster family.  So Sloan, Luis, Mike (Luis’s foster dad) and I left Friday just after noon in order to ensure we wouldn’t be late.  Sloan decided to drive the rental car since the mileage wouldn’t matter.

Anyway, we made the meeting in time.  We were thinking it would be a simple “just sign here” situation, but it was a two hour process.  Mike, with the help of our lawyer’s wife and Luis, translated the document which repeated the same thing about five times.  However, we never tired of hearing his new name.  The first three letters of his initials are WLF- perfect for a State fan. After all the signatures we celebrated by taking pictures with everyone (and I mean everyone).  To make it even more special we ate at Chili’s because where else do you go when you have just officially adopted your kid?

Adoption finalized!   Back row (R->L): Mike (Luis's foster dad), our lawyer's wife, Juan our lawyer, don't know last two

Adoption finalized!
Back row (R->L): Mike (Luis’s foster dad), our lawyer’s wife, Juan our lawyer, don’t know last two

You would think this pretty much summed up the day. But you’d be wrong.  We still had a two hour drive back to Siguatepeque.  To complicate matters it was raining and the rental care had tinting on all the windows, including the windshield.  Tinted windows is a big thing here.  Imagine driving at night in the rain wearing your sunglasses- Corey Hart can sympathize.  Anyway, Sloan did a great job despite the conditions.

Well, as we were on our way back Mike’s wife called to make sure we were okay because she had heard there was a major rockslide on the highway between Comayagua and Siguatepeque.  You know how in the states when there is an accident on a major road you just take a detour? Well that was not an option for us.  We thought that maybe possibly the road might be cleared up when we got there, but then we hit the traffic around Comayagua which is about thirty minutes away from Siquatepeque.  Sloan had just passed the exit ramp for Comayagua when we came to a stop.  There was a moment of fear when we thought we might be camping out in the rental- a Toyota Yaris.  But Sloan made a bold move and turned around and drove back to the exit for Comayagua.  Yes, he was driving the wrong way, but thankfully there really wasn’t any oncoming traffic.


The first hotel we came to had no vacancy, however the second hotel had one room left with four beds.  If we had been a minute later we might have been trying to figure out sleeping arrangements in a small sedan.  However, we were each able to enjoy our own queen-sized bed. That’s right, one big room with four queen-sized beds- we found it kind of humorous.

So I forgot to mention Sloan’s flight was scheduled at two o’clock on Saturday.  All his stuff was in Sigua; however he did have his passport which was the only essential thing he would need to leave.  There was no way he could get his things in time, so he had the pleasure of going through customs sans luggage.  It’s going to be hard not to be jealous when Luis and I are sweating our way through the Miami airport with all those bags.  Anyway Sloan made it safely home, and after a two hour drive in a small bus packed in like sardines so did we.  Yes, it was crazy and not the most ideal situation, but there’s no way any of us will forget this experience!

So what’s next?  Well, our lawyer is working on getting Luis’s birth certificate so we may then begin the process of getting his visa.  Once all that is completed, we can go home!  We really don’t have a good idea about how long it will take.  It looks like it will be a couple of weeks before we get the birth certificate.  It’s too easy for me to get anxious about how/when these last few steps will unfold. In the process I miss out on the joy of having our adoption finalized.  God has most definitely done an amazing thing, and I shouldn’t minimize it with my useless worry.  Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement!!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Congratulations Mom & Dad !!!


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